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Welcome to my Journal
♥...where chaos ensues...♥

Hey there, nice to meet you. ♥
Although my friends sometimes call me other things, I mainly go by Wing. I'm a fan of yaoi, and you'll see that clearly in my fan fictions and fan arts. Currently, I'm really into Gundam 00, Nabari no Ou, Kuroshitsuji, and Durarara!!. My favorite pairings include Yoite x Miharu, Shizaya, and SasuNaru. If you want to find me for anything, chances are, I'll be lurking around my Gmail account, send an email my way. (:
This journal is created mostly for my sketchdumps, but may also include some incoherent fangirl rants or random comments. It's mostly boring stuff from a boring person, so if you fall asleep or show signs of yawning syndrome, be warned. D; By the way, I'm not too literate either, so I don't want to hear any lawsuits from you grammar nazis. D:
Other than that, feel free to friend me. I love to hear from people that share my fandoms. ♥

Currently, I'm not updating much. I'm doing my best to post more, though. ♥

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